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These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Margaret Dalton Digital's Website, located at Margaret Dalton Digital 

When you access this website, we presume that you agree to this set of terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Margaret Dalton Digital if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

The following terms are applicable with respect to the Terms and Conditions , and as well as the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy, as in any autres agreements "Client", "You" and "Your" refers to the user who is a registered user on our website and has complied with these Terms and Conditions for our company. "The Company", "Ourselves", "We", "Our" and "Us" refers to the Company. "Party", "Parties" or "Us" refers to the client as well as us. The terms refer to the acceptance of consideration, and offering of the amount of money needed to assist the customer efficiently to satisfy the requirements of the client in relation to the requested service in accordance with the laws in force within the Netherlands. Any references to these terms, or any other terms that use the plural singular or plural, capitalization, or any combination thereof can be considered interchangeable and thereby using similar terms.


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Unless otherwise stated, Margaret Dalton Digital and or its licensors own the intellectual property rights for all material on Margaret Dalton Digital. Intellectual property rights remain in the hands of Margaret Dalton Digital. You may access this from Margaret Dalton Digital for your own personal use subjected to restrictions set in these terms and conditions.

The following isn't suggested for:

  • Republish material from Margaret Dalton Digital
  • Sell, rent or sub-license material from Margaret Dalton Digital
  • Reproduce, duplicate or copy material from Margaret Dalton Digital
  • Redistribute content from Margaret Dalton Digital

This Agreement is in effect from the date the date this document was published. These Terms and Conditions were created using the 

Certain areas of this site allow users to voice their views and other information within specific areas of the website. Margaret Dalton Digital does not delete, edit and publish any comments before publishing on the site. Comments do not represent the opinions or views that are the opinions that are those Margaret Dalton Digital or its agents or affiliates. Comments express the opinions and views of the person posting their opinions and viewpoints. So far as legally permitted, Margaret Dalton Digital shall not be held accountable for any comments made or for any liability that result from damages, losses or costs that result from the usage of, or posting or display of any comment posted on this site.

Margaret Dalton Digital reserves the right to review all comments and to remove any comments that are deemed offensive, inappropriate or in violation of these terms and conditions.

Your guarantee is to you have:

  • You are allowed to publish your remarks on our website and you've all the required permissions and rights to publish comments.
  • These comments do not violate of intellectual rights to property in any way, not including but not not a violation of trademarks, patents or copyrights owned by any third-party
  • These comments aren't defamatory, sexually explicit, offensive, or libelous or any other content that is illegal and could be considered an violation of privacy.
  • Comments aren't intended to promote or encourage commercial, commercial, or illegal or illegal actions.

You agree to grant Margaret Dalton Digital the non-exclusive right to reproduce, use and alter your remarks as well as to allow others to duplicate, copy and modify your comments in the format, form or on any media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

These companies may be permitted the right to hyperlink to our site but only with our prior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organisations;
  • Distributors who distribute online directories may link to our website similarly to the way they link to sites of other companies featured and
  • Accredited Business Accredited by the Systemwide exempting soliciting charities, non-profit groups, shopping malls and charitable organizations that aren't connected to our website.

They may be able to connect to our homepage, as well as to the publications we produce and to other information on our site provided that it (a) does not appear to be misleading, (b) doesn't suggest in any way that it is a sign of endorsement or sponsorship of the entity that is linking to the website or the products or services they offer in the event that (c) is taken to be part of the overall context of the website.

We are able to investigate and accept additional hyperlinks from these kinds of companies:

  • is an established source of information and data for business and consumer resources
  • dot.com Community sites;
  • association, or other group that represent charities
  • online directory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • Accounting and law firms, as well as consulting and
  • Institutions of higher education and also organizations to trading.

We will allow hyperlinks from these businesses only if we can confirm these criteria: (a) the link is not seen negatively from our partners in business with whom we have certified (b) the company is not associated with any adverse record within our databases (c) the advantages we gain from public exposure of the hyperlink is greater than any inconsistencies Margaret Dalton Digital is not present. Margaret Dalton Digital is not linked to any negative record; and (d) this hyperlink will be placed within the context of general information on sources.

Businesses are permitted to link to our site as long as they ensure that the link (a) isn't any way appear make any false claims, (b) is not intended to trick you into thinking it's an any endorsement, endorsement, or sponsorship of the linking company or their products , offerings or services and (c) is used in conjunction with the website of the linker.

When you're an organization listed under paragraph 2, and are keen on linking with our website we must be informed by mail at Margaret Dalton Digital. Include your name, company name, contact details along with the URL for your site and a list of all URLs you'd prefer us to use to link to your site. Also, include an outline of the URLs we have on our site that you would like to hyperlink with. Please wait for a couple of weeks to receive an answer.

Organisations who have been granted the right for linking to our website in the following manner:

  • Incorporating an abbreviation of the company , or
  • Through the resource locator, it is associated with
  • Utilizing the description or any other information on our website that we have linked to, it is a reasonable choice in the context and the structure of the information available on the website of the link site of the linking.

Reproduction or reproduction or copying Margaret Dalton Digital trademark or other images is allowed to hyperlink, but without the permission to license trademarks.


without written permission you are not permitted to build frames on our websites which alter the appearance or appeal of our site.

Content Liability

We cannot accept any responsibility for any information on your website. You agree to defend us against any claims that may result from your website. It is not permitted to put any link(s) on any site that is considered to infringe on the privacy of other people or that is considered to be criminal or offensive or violates, infringes on or promotes the infringement or violation of rights granted to third parties.

Your Privacy

Make sure to review the privacy policy of our Privacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

Our website has the ability to request the removal of the whole or one hyperlink from our site. We will eliminate any hyperlinks on our site at anytime. We have the right to modify the terms of this agreement and linking policy at any time. If you decide to continue to link to our site , you agree to adhere to and be bound of the rules and regulations of linking.

Elimination of our links

When you see any link on our website that you find offensive, irrespective of the reason, do not hesitate to contact us and inform us anytime. We'll look at the possibility of eliminating hyperlinks, but we're not required to remove them or even respond directly to your request.

We cannot guarantee that the information provided on this website is accurate. We cannot ensure its completeness or accuracy. We cannot guarantee that the website is accessible or that the information accessible on the website is accurate and up-to-date.


In the fullest sense permitted by law, we disclaim any representations, warranties, or claims or other terms relating to our website or the information contained on our website. This disclaimer is not meant to

  • decrease or erase our our, or our responsibility for personal injury and death;
  • Reduce or completely eliminate our liability for fraudulent or deceitful claims.
  • restrict the responsibility of your or us in any manner that's not allowed by law. limit the limits of our or your obligations in any way not permitted by the law currently in force.
  • We aren't in a position of excluding any of our obligations that are not excluded under the laws.

The limitations and limitations on liability outlined in the preceding Section and other disclaimer clauses (a) must be followed in accordance with the paragraph that precedes. (b) includes all obligations that arise from the disclaimer. This includes the ones that result from contract or tort or for the breach of a lawful obligation.

The website and the information and products that are on the site are for free. We do not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind.

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