What is Google Analytics?

As the global internet user base continues to increase year-on-year and consumers spend more time online researching and purchasing, businesses of all sizes pay greater attention to digital marketing possibilities. The company website is the heart of any digital marketing strategy.

What is Google Analytics?

How can you know if your website attracts the right people? How can you tell if your website is getting enough traffic from social media and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns? Google Analytics (GA), the most widely used tool to analyse website traffic, is free. It offers a wealth data that businesses can use to assess how their website performs, enabling them to plan a digital marketing strategy to get the best results.

This guide will give you an overview of Google Analytics, how it works, what it can do, key terms that you should know, and how it can help your business make better decisions in the future.

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How Does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics uses Javascript code to place a Javascript tag on each web page that the company wants to measure. It is  simple to add the Analytics tag to your website's Content Management System.

The code collects data from a visitor to the website. This includes the HTTP request, browser used, and first-party cookies that they have agreed for you to collect. Although this may seem complicated, it is actually used to give insight into user demographics. This code sends the data to Google Analytics. Google Analytics then aggregates it into four levels.

  • User Level (the actions taken by each user)
  • Session level (individual visits)
  • Pageview Level (the pages that were viewed)
  • Event Level Video views, button clicks, and similar actions

The dashboard reports will then display the aggregated data.

After the Analytics tag is added to your website pages, the process will be completed automatically. This allows you to concentrate on analysing and reviewing the data.

What can Google Analytics do?

Google Analytics is a massive platform that tracks the interactions of users with websites. Each of the five reporting areas is broken into sub-sections, which allow you to dig deeper into the data. These pre-set reports can be found in the left-hand navigation.

You can views real-time activity on your website. These reports provide an overview of website engagement at any given time. This report will include any visitor who has visited a website and triggered an event. This report also includes sub-sections that provide additional data about the visitor's location, traffic source (where it came from), and interactions that led to a conversion.

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