What exactly is Google Search Console?

If you're a site owner or a business owner looking to make your site more efficient or business, then you've probably been aware of Google Search Console.

What exactly is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (GSC) is among the top (free) SEO tools available for free. While Google Analytics provides information on website statistics for users, GSC gives insight into the statistics of a website's Google search results (Google). This information is especially interesting due to the fact that it offers insight into the terms used by search engines to bring people to your site or the average rank of a specific keyword. GSC also provides insight into the effectiveness of your site on the search engines. It can do this by identifying websites that display errors or are not found. In simple terms: Google search console is an SEO tool free of charge that can be used to keep track of, improve and control your website.

# What exactly is Google Search Console Used For?

We've essentially explained the basics of what Search Console can do. We've also covered some details about how Search Console can help businesses to better track their websites' performance on the internet, but not in depth. The reality is it's true that Search Console is a pretty robust platform that provides many different tools that can be used for various purposes. you may not be aware of each one until you've learned about each of them individually. However, we will go over its most popular features in this article.

So what's the point to use Google Search Console when Google already offers the Analytics tool? What exactly does Google Search Console do that's different from what you already find in Analytics?
There there is some similarity with Google Search Console and Google Analytics in that each allow you to track the amount of traffic that your website receives and allow users to separate the traffic by URL, as well as mobile as opposed to. desktop. However, the similarities stop there.

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